An airpot is a portable vacuum insulated hot drinks dispenser with a glass or stainless steel internal liner. Airpots can be filled with a hot beverage such as tea and coffee and used to keep a drink warm for hours. Because airpots do not require electrical power, they are convenient for use outdoors or in temporary locations such as meeting rooms and formal receptions.



Different airpots will suit different occasions. Smaller 1.9 litre airpots are great for individual meetings and can serve a smaller group of people. By comparison, EuropAce 5.5L airpot is designed to quench the thirst of large groups and can also be used to create effective grab and go stations. Based on a 6oz coffee cup, each cafetiere will provide roughly:


Capacity Number of Cups
1.9Ltr 11
2.5Ltr 14
3Ltr 17
4Ltr 23
5Ltr 30

Internal Construction

Airpots work by having two walls with a vacuum between. The inner wall, or liner, will be made of either stainless steel or glass. Glass provides excellent thermal insulation but is significantly more costly and more fragile than a stainless steel equivalent. By comparison, stainless steel liners still provide great insulation but are significantly stronger. For this reason, most catering businesses prefer the rugged reliability of stainless steel liners.



Almost all airpots are finished in brushed stainless steel. This minimises the appearance of any damage during usage and also provides a clean and contemporary look.



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