Can you imagine a kitchen without a refrigerator? I guess not, well the refrigerator has a very important role within the household. From keeping our groceries fresh, our drinks chilled to preventing our ice cream from melting.

Refrigerators come in various shapes and sizes. With numerous options available in the market, how do we go about choosing the right fridge for our home. EuropAce have complied a list not only to simplify your shopping but also help you to understand which fridge is best for your home.

Lets take a look at the various type of Fridges available.



Having in mind the different types of fridge available, next on the checklist should be choosing the correct capacity for your household. Factors to note will be daily usage, cooking ingredients being stored, keeping uncooked frozen meat separated and the space needed to hold fresh fruits and vegetables. Last but not least the number of people in your household using the fridge.

The next deciding factor after capacity will be the space available to fit the fridge. Measure the floor area within the kitchen where you will be placing the fridge and make sure there is enough space for you to swing the fridge door open smoothly.




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