An essential part of every modern kitchen, a good kitchen oven should give you and your family years of well-cooked food. But with a number of different brands and types on the market, working out which oven to buy can seem like a daunting task.

Bigger may not always be better, particularly if you have a smaller kitchen and need an oven to fit in with the available space.

Capacity is often a factor many people find important when looking for what oven to buy. The capacity is the usable size of an oven’s cavity measured in litres, enabling you to estimate how much food can be cooked in one sitting.

EuropAce range of ovens are available in 20L, 30L and 45L. From the 20L basic function electric oven to the 30L oven for professionals, EuropAce range of ovens have just about everything you are looking for, a rotisserie to cook a chicken , cool touch double glass door , halogen bulb to ensure even heating , hassle free maintenance and last but not least a 2 years warranty on the heating element.

Elegantly design curvature with stainless steel body, EuropAce oven range delivers the final touch of style to your kitchen.


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