Colored Kitchen Appliances Infused With Retro Charm Are Making A Comeback

Anyone can add color to a kitchen using floor tiles, light fixtures or the usual small accessories. However, few dare to venture into the realm of colored appliances and to use their fridge, oven or hood as a source of color for the room. A colored microwave makes a brave statement, letting the world know that you’re not afraid to stand out from the rest and that you enjoy being unique.

A kitchen needs to blend practicality with style but at the same time it should reflect the personality and character of the person who designed and of those using it. This may come as a surprise but you can find appliances in pretty much every color of the rainbow which is interesting because most of the times all we see is white, gray, stainless steel and the occasional black.

The color you choose for your kitchen appliances says a lot about what you’re trying to accomplish but also about your priorities. Every color is special. For example, a red microwave can brighten up the whole modern kitchen, having a cheerful and uplifting effect without overwhelming the space. Cream is also a very fresh and vibrant color and some hues are associated with retro decors. Red is always bold and powerful black can be dramatic but also elegant.

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