Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner


The modern looking EuropAce EWV 5155S is a robust multifunction Wet & Dry vacuum cleaner with a power consumption of 1,200 watts.

Designed with Cyclonic Water Filtration System, its also comes with washable 360-degree HEPA Filter in a 15-litre impact-resistant plastic container.

The wet and dry vacuum cleaner is unique because of its versatility. Not only can it  pick up hard debris, remove fine layers of dust and suck up liquid spills, it can also do a variety of other jobs, some of which are listed below:

Sinks and baths can be unblocked by setting the machine to the blower (not suction) and the force of the air will free the obstruction.

They can also be used like an ordinary vacuum cleaner, for cleaning curtains and upholstery.
The wet and dry cleaner is ideal for tackling most household water disasters and flooding from burst pipes etc.
If you don‘t own a carpet cleaner then the wet and dry cleaner will do a great job of cleaning your carpets, it removes marks, stains, and even mildew once the detergent has been applied.
Leaves and debris in the garden can be blown into a neat pile to be picked up and paths can be cleared using the blower function.
The wet and dry vacuum cleaner is a relatively basic machine, though, for heavy-duty cleaning jobs, the versatility and efficiency are far superior to standard cleaning devices. The extra long power cord is an added advantage too

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