For many households in Singapore, gas hobs are still the preferred choice. With EuropAce gas hobs, you can enjoy all the benefits. You not only can control the heat perfectly and instantaneously, thanks to their sophisticated design, our gas hobs are also easy to clean and absolutely safe.

If you are thinking of replacing an old hob, you could get a new one with exactly the same size and style. That said, if your kitchen fittings allow, you could change to a different fuel type. However, if you are installing a new kitchen, make sure to choose a EuropAce hob that fits the new design and that should give you the best results.

Cooker hoods and hobs are the most important elements of a kitchen. This is especially so for families that enjoy cooking. It is therefore crucial to invest in a good set that not only suits your lifestyle habits but lasts as well.

How many burners to buy, two or three?

 The number of burners you should have really depends on how much cooking you do on your hob. If you have a large family and always have something bubbling away on the stove, go for the most number of burners you can fit in the space you have.

What Hood is suitable for me?

Hoods to consider based on cooking habits

1. Slimline

-For people who want to keep things simple
-Not very visible once installed
-Good for overall aesthetics

2. Chimney

-For households with big hobs
-Large and efficient enough for heavy usage

3. Island

-For kitchens with island concepts
-Becomes highlight of kitchen
-Adds a touch of professional glamour to kitchen
-Needs to be attached directly to ceiling so plenty of space in the kitchen is needed to accommodate it

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